New Patient

Richard Johns M. D. welcomes new patients to his practice. Appointments are available by calling 1-304-485-6240 or by request through the patient portal.

During your visit you will have dilation drops placed in your eyes to allow the doctor to fully examine you. We will provide you with disposable sunglasses as you check out if you need them. If however you are unsure of your ability to drive while dilated, you may want to bring a driver with you.

Please allow at least ninety minutes for your patient exam. If you will bring the following items with you the time spent in the clinic will be decreased.

  1. Set up a secure patient portal account by clicking on My Online Clinic.
  2. Your current medications with you for your first exam.
  3. Your current insurance cards.
  4. Your eye glasses and/or contact lenses.
  5. Reports of Lab test, MRI and CAT scans.
  6. If you are diabetic, please bring your most recent hemoglobin A1c.

Patient Portal

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